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At North Richmond Vet Hospital, when we talk about recommending bloodwork for your pet, it involves a comprehensive health assessment. Bloodwork, whether presurgical or part of a routine check-up, generally consists of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a Blood Chemistry Analysis. These tests are fundamental tools for evaluating your pet's health.

It's crucial, especially for senior pets, to undergo a CBC and a baseline chemistry panel during each annual exam. Bloodwork allows our veterinarians to assess your pet's organ function, detect early signs of disease for timely treatment, or monitor the progression of any pre-existing conditions.

When we take a blood sample from your pet, we examine the cells and the plasma they circulate. At North Richmond Vet Hospital, we're equipped with state-of-the-art in-house laboratory machines for quick and accurate bloodwork results.

Our facility includes an Abaxis VetScan 2 machine for comprehensive Chemistry panels. These tests provide rapid insights into your pet’s internal organ functions, including the liver, kidneys, digestive system, and electrolyte balance.

Here are some of the specific chemistry panels we offer in-house:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile: For complete analysis in various scenarios like pre-anaesthetic, general health, ill patient, geriatric, and wellness testing.

Prep Profile: Basic health screening for pre-anaesthetic evaluation or establishing baseline values in healthy, young pets.

Critical Care Profile: Essential for ongoing monitoring of hospitalised patients.

Thyroid (T4) and Cholesterol: Useful for screening thyroid issues in dogs and cats, and monitoring thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Mammalian Liver Profile: For assessing liver function, diagnosing hepatic diseases, and monitoring the impact of certain medications.

Avian/Reptile Profiles: Tailored for birds and lizards, focusing on key health indicators in these species.

A blood chemistry panel helps us understand how your pet’s organs are functioning and aids in diagnosing and treating illnesses. It also enables us to monitor your pet’s response to treatment.

Our Abaxis HM5 Complete Blood Count (CBC) Machine provides a detailed 22-parameter complete blood count. This includes red and white blood cell counts, hydration status, platelet count, and more, helping diagnose conditions like infection, anaemia, and internal blood loss.

Our i-STAT Alinity V is a handheld analyser that allows us to do specific blood tests in under a few minutes. It includes blood gases, acid-base, electrolytes, chemistries, and haematology tests. Importantly, it measures ionised calcium, which is crucial in pregnant and lactating animals.

We partner with external reference laboratories including Vetnostics and Idexx Laboratories for tests that cannot be conducted in-house. Depending on the test, they typically provide detailed reports within a few days.

At North Richmond Vet Hospital, we're committed to providing comprehensive and efficient diagnostic services to ensure the best health outcomes for your pets.

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